Key Issues Facing District 7

Prices are rising for needy families, and there is one clear reason. The federal government printed money over the last eight years in an irresponsible way.

We can’t just keep printing money and giving it away. That can get a politician re-elected in the short run—but the long run has now confronted us.

Often, the families who struggle to make ends meet are the most affected by government spending, certain government regulations, and inflation. Prudent fiscal policies can enable Americans to prosper without being dictated to by politicians or bureaucrats. There is a financial crisis looming over the United States. Time is still on our side to change the course of events.

We need to stop the drive toward a government takeover of health care. As reported by the Texas Health Institute, the uninsured rate in Southwest Houston (45%) is roughly double that of greater Houston (23%), the state (19%), and the nation (9%).  Politicians in our newly drawn District 7 should not accept donations from insurance companies while our people die and cannot afford healthcare.

A fundamental reform of the US tax system aimed at reducing taxes would reduce the harm caused by the faulty and broken US tax system and contribute significantly to economic growth. A good tax policy should stimulate and incentivize economic growth and prosperity for individuals and businesses. 

The American people are experiencing a crisis of trust in their leaders. Our government must restore public trust to carry out its missions, which include enforcing rules and regulations, regulating markets, and protecting citizens. Leadership in government should focus on building and maintaining citizen trust by focusing on humanity, transparency, capability, and reliability.

We cannot replace family with government! Every human being has the right to life from the moment he or she is conceived. Pregnancy is not oppression, abortion is not liberation, and having a nuclear family is not obsolete. We must safeguard constitutional rights, such as free speech, religious liberty, and gun rights, and limit government interference in our private lives.

A growing number of violent crimes are impacting a wide range of our communities, regardless of political affiliation. Residents of Texas Congressional District 7 have the right to be concerned about violent crime in their communities. It is estimated that the bulk of crimes aren’t reported to the police, and most crimes that are reported don’t get solved. Thus, most victims of the criminal justice system are not receiving justice and are at risk of becoming targets again in the future.

A justice system that ensures that our American dream can be realized by all is a basic right for victims, and a basic right for our communities.

Neither the immigration system nor the borders of America are under control. We must strengthen our border and streamline the lawful migration pathways. The good news is that Congress can take action to strengthen the US immigration system through ensuring the enforcement of existing laws.